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Polar Collection Ring UJKK-R0112 5"

05/12/20168:07 CH(Xem: 4690)
Polar Collection Ring UJKK-R0112 5"
Giá Bán:$109.98
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Polar Collection Ring

Polar Collection Jewelry is stunningly crafted featuring beautiful Polar Jade® set into Sterling Silver and Vermeil. Vermeil is a combinaton of precious metals. The inside core is pure Sterling Silver covered in a solid coating of 18 karat Gold. This creates long lasting jewelry that feels and looks like pure Gold, but at the cost of Sterling Silver. All Polar Collection Jewelry comes with a Hand Crafted Wooden Display Box.

All of the Polar Collection Jewelry has a Lifetime Guarantee!
Available in both Sterling Silver and Vermeil.
Available in Sizes: 5 - 8
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